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Mali is one of the five least developed countries in the world. Rapid population growth, inconsistent rainfall, recurrent droughts, and the degradation of natural resources have contributed to a continuing decline in food production in the region. Countries in the Sahel region of West Africa, where Mali is located, are experiencing rapid desertification. What little vegetation is left is being rapidly cut down for building material and firewood or eaten by roaming livestock. World Vision Mali helps Malians build brighter futures for their children. Through sponsorship, they can offer access to safe water and improved nutrition, agricultural training, health care, education, and assistance in starting small businesses.

Gnibouwa Diassana with cookers and painting

Gnibouwa Diassana with several of his solar box cookers

Diassana April 2007

Forty solar cookers were distributed in an April 2007 project in the village of Nara in the west of Mali.

A portion of their efforts, under the direction of Gnibouwa Diassana, a local coordinator with World Vision, is promoting solar cooking as a necessary component to helping raise the health and living standard for the residents of Mali. He currently has a community of approximately thirty users of solar ovens, and would have more, if ways can be found to make them more affordable for those wishing to have one.

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