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Welfare Society for Disabled Persons 2000

Welfare Society for the Disabled People has changed its name to Welfare Society for Solar Development (WSD) to better represent its new mission and goals. Since 1998 this group has helped over 10,000 people in Uganda and over 1500 in Congo and 1500 in refugee camps to solar cook. Since January 2009 the organisation has distributed CooKits, Sun Ovens, and parabolic cookers to new member groups in the urban and rural regions of western Uganda, including the refugee camps (settlements)and taught over 2000 people. Demonstrations and training workshops, as well as advocacy efforts, including displays in various shows, have increased in number as our member base has grown. Per request from our members, we have introduced and intergrated improved household energy-saving stoves, Rocket Stoves, and burners which do not produce smoke or heat during cooking. Such stoves allow for a safer and more environmentally friendly method to cook indoors and during the rainy season. Our organization is currently in need of a laptop computer, low-cost aluminum foil, powder coated aluminum, and other materials.


  • To produce hot cooked food.
  • To construct and distribute integrated energy saving stoves and burners.
  • To organize international study tours to developed countries to educate people about solar technology.

News and recent developments

  • January 2011: Busobozi Tegras writes that WSD is seeking funding for capacity building and project expansion. Donations can be given in lieu of gifts to friends and family. WSD will e-mail you a thank you card that can be presented to the recipient. For details, send an e-mail to

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Welfare society for Solar Development
Busobozi Tegras
P.O. Box 403

Tel (office): +256 4410399
Tel (mobile): +256 774952023


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