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==External links==
==External links==
* [ How to Make a Solar Still] - ''Mother Earth News''
* [ Solar stills at Build It Solar]
* [ Solar stills at Build It Solar]

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Eliodomestico Solar Still schematic

The still heats either salty or dirty water in the upper chamber, steam is created, and fresh water condenses and collects in the lower chamber of the Eliodomestico Solar Still.

SunDwater distillation system, 4-17-13

SunDwater distillation system

Water can also be distilled to obtain safe water to drink and cook with. Typically it involves removing the salt from seawater, which makes up over 95% of the water on the planet, but is also useful in removing contaminants. Most approaches use an evaporation technique. The saltwater is evaporated and recaptured as fresh water. Several systems are now using the sun's energy for the evaporation.

A compact solar still example is the Eliodomestico Solar Still. An Israeli company, SunDwater has developed a system capable of 400 liters of fresh water each sunny day, which uses a four sq. meter parabolic solar reflector to concentrate a high temperature focus on the seawater vessel. New water is constantly pumped back into the closed system as the water evaporates.

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