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Last updated: 16 March 2017      
Vivek Kabra explains the benefits of solar to young students, 1-23-14

Vivek Kabra explains the benefits of solar cooking to young students.

Vivek Kabra, an IIT Bombay alumnus lives in the Jalna area of India, where he has used his scientific background to empower child and adults by creating fun Adventures with Sun. He is the founder of Simplified Technologies for Life - the young startup that has pioneered the concept of Suryakumbh, literally, a festive gathering celebrating the power of the sun. It involves a series of workshops conducted across the country, focused exclusively on hands-on experience with solar energy.

He was encouraged to start his solar cooking campaign after having lived with solar cooking growing up. His mother solar cooked throughout his childhood, and he thought solar cooking was the norm for everyone. Frustrated that solar cooking was being passed over by his local scientific community, only fueled his desire to spread awareness of the potential for solar cooking. Solar energy is available for free across the country and there is no transportation cost involved.

All the operations of Suryakumbh are run from Jalna district in Maharashtra, which lies 60 km (37 miles) from Aurangabad.

Read more about Vivek in this interview done in 2014.


  • February 2017: SuryaKumbh festival again sets record - Vivek Kabra reports: "On 11 Feb, 2017, 7,500 school children created history by participating in the World's Largest Solar Cooking Festival. Trained by 400 trainers and guided by 150 supervisors, each one of them made their own solar cooker and cooked noodles in it. Having experienced the power of the sun first hand, each child took the SuryaKumbh solar cooker back home to share the magic of cooking without fuel." More information...
Suryakumbh aerial photo 2017

Aerial view of the 7,500 school children learning the basics of solar cooking at SuraKumbh 2017 - Photo credit: Vivek Kabra

Keshav Srushti 1

Thousands of students gather in Mumbai, India for a record-breaking solar cooking event.

  • January 2015: 15,000 students in Mumbai solar cook and set world-record - 15,000 students from 80 schools in Mumbai, India set a new world-record for the largest ever solar cooking gathering organized by Simplified Technologies for Life & Keshav Srushti. Each student was given a solar cooker and taught how to use it as part of a national campaign to spread awareness of the importance of solar technology. C Vidyasagar Rao, governor of Maharashtra and Piyush Goyal, minister of state, Power, Coal & New Renewable Energy, attended the record-setting gathering. Read more at: Over 15,000 students create a new world-record in solar cooking
Suryakumbh 2014

3,484 children from 80+ schools participated in the world's largest solar cooking class in Mumbai. Read more...

  • January 2014:India raises the bar for the world's largest solar cooking class - "As many as 3,484 children from over 80 schools participated in the largest solar cooking initiative Suryakumbha on January 4th, which has qualified as an entry to the Guinness Book of World Records. The emergence of renewable sources of energy as an answer to the imminent exhaustion of conventional energy sources pushed Simplified Technologies for Life (a Jalna based startup) and a Bhayander NGO, Keshav Srushti, to start with the most influential members of society, children." The class was held in Mumbai, India. Read more...

Audio and video

  • NEW: February 2017:
Children's reaction after Solar cooking for the first time @ SuryaKumbh03:17

Children's reaction after Solar cooking for the first time @ SuryaKumbh

SuryaKumbh is a unique Solar Festival wherein every participant builds their own solar cooker in few minutes, use it to independently cook delicious food without Fuel, Fire or Wire and then take it back home to share the joy of solar cooking with family, friends and neighbours. Sometimes they also make a Guinness World Record.

  • January 2013:


On 19th January 2013, 2044 children from 107 schools participated in this historical event wherein trained by 206 trainers and 45 supervisors, they built their own solar ovens and cooked 400 kg of Sabudana Khichadi in it. This is the video summary of the same.

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Vivek Kabra

Simplified Technologies for Life
293, Ram krishna, Besides Parshwabhoomi Press
Sambhaji Nagar, Jalna, Maharashtra 431203

Tel.: +91 9960686393


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