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News and recent developmentsEdit

  • NEW: April 2015: Solar Serve News #43 Here we are again. In Solar Serve we all have our responsibility and it is good that we can use our talents. Creativity is needed when we meet new challenges. The last few months we have been working together with several other agencies, organizations and social enterprises. It was good to work together. We also received some training and now we are able to pass it on to others. Here are some of the latest stories.
  • October 2014: Solar Serve News #42 A middle-aged man came to visit us. In the Vietnamese war he lost his arm during a bomb explosion. It was hard for him to grow up especially when he was young and full of energy. He finally left Vietnam and ended up in Europe. After many years he was able to forgive and wanted to visit his country again. He had to face the wounds of the past but was very courageous and very serious in showing forgiveness. He even offered to help us a few days with one of our designs. It was great to see him working at our center with a passion to help. Very touching!
  • July 2014: Solar Serve News #41 We received a letter from Energy Globe, that we as Solar Serve were the national winner of the Energy Globe Award 2014 for Vietnam. With more than 160 participating countries and over 1000 project submissions annually the Energy Globe Award is today's most prestigious environmental prize worldwide. It distinguishes projects regionally, nationally and globally that safeguard resources such as energy or develop renewable or emission-free sources. Unfortunately, we were not able to receive the award, but were honored for this recognition. Read more...
  • April 2014: Solar Serve News #40
    We are a social enterprise and our purpose is to have an impact in society. We do this by making environmentally friendly equipment for people so that their lives will be changed and improved. Last year we got the impression that we should do more and came up with a plan which started on February 11th and will last for one year. The exciting thing is that it also gives you an opportunity to get involved.
  • January 2014: Solar Serve News #39
    First of all Happy New Year. We hope it will be a great year. Don’t give up doing good and expecting hard situations to change into wonderful opportunities. Enjoy and love your work so that you never have ‘to work’ again! But if you want to work with us, don’t dream about the weather. Lately, it has been very cold in Danang and even in the northern provinces of Vietnam. Some mountains near Sapa were covered with snow. Unthinkable but everything is possible in Vietnam, so welcome to our world!
  • October 2013: Solar Serve News #38 We just finished the Mid-Autumn Festival, with gifts, lanterns, drums, lion dances and special dishes to eat. A very special dish is the moon cake. Companies buy expensive moon cakes for their workers or customers. This year the festival was surrounded by rain and storm, so many children could not participate in it and many moon cakes were left over. For us it was more a start of new excitement, which we would like to share in this letter.
  • July 2013: Solar Serve News #37 Solar Serve wrote another newsletter. This year it was 13 years ago that they officially started Solar Serve. Their first newsletter was written in 2003. At the moment they are preparing themselves for difficult times ahead. It could be for solar aid to anyone and everywhere.
See and Believe - Thấy và Tin01:03

See and Believe - Thấy và Tin

  • June 2013: Vietnam Solar Serve has produced the video See and Believe - Thấy và Tin, a short video clip to make you believe that cooking with the sun is possible.
  • April 2013:
    Solar Serve 2013 Tài Liệu Mới - New Brochure01:54

    Solar Serve 2013 Tài Liệu Mới - New Brochure

    We made a new brochure before we attended the Clean Cooking Forum in Phnom Penh, Cambodia from March 18-22. We will inform you later in our newsletter about the event, but for now we invite you to have a look at our new folder.
  • January 2013: Solar Serve News #35 We made more solar cookers and improved some models. We also finished the 150 clean stoves. Our staff left at four o’clock in the morning our Center to two villages near the ancient city of Hue. The truck was fully loaded and people were already waiting for them. After explaining the benefits and usage of the stoves to the people and farmers, the local authorities were able to hand out the stoves. They were sponsored by a organisation involved in health, gender and climate programs. A great way to help people. People were so thankful. Not long after we received another order and felt that the clean stoves are a good replacement, when it is raining and a solar cannot be used. The weight is 4 kg and the cost is reasonable (around 25 US dollars). This is a great way for organizations to help poor people in cooking clean, protecting their health and the environment, and also save money in fuel costs.
  • November 2012:
    Clean Cooking Stoves for Vietnamese farmers - November 201204:54

    Clean Cooking Stoves for Vietnamese farmers - November 2012

    Since 1997 we have been testing our solar cookers. During the summer months the use of solar cookers is for many people a blessing. But after all those years there was still one major question: "But when it's raining, what do we do?" The main answer was to encourage people to return to their old way of cooking, but it never satisfied us. In 2007, during an exhibition in Nepal they showed us several clean cooking stoves. We talked with some people about their benefits. Was this the answer to the above question and a good alternative? After several years of researching and asking around, finally in 2011, we came up with our own model. It worked so well, that local farmers near Hue city (Vietnam) became very interested. In November 2012 we made 170 clean cooking stoves for them and when they received them they were very excited. So, it became a great alternative when there is no sun! Watch this short video clip!
  • October 2012: In Vietnam Solar Serve News No. 34, Vietnam Solar Serve explains how they have incorporated clean cookstoves with solar cooking to better serve local cooks. Till now it has been a good year for us and we are excited for the new things to come. In our 34th newsletter we mainly tell about our new challenge and show you some pictures, besides our ongoing solar cooker projects. In our 34th newsletter we mainly tell you about our new challenge and show you some pictures, besides our ongoing solar cooker projects.
  • August 2012:
    GUST Project - Solar Serve - Danang (Vietnam)09:26

    GUST Project - Solar Serve - Danang (Vietnam)

    A team of three French students came to visit our Solar Serve Center. They had organized a "Global Universities' Social Trip" (GUST), a project, that aimed to raise students' awareness of social entrepreneurship in Asia. For six months they met many social entrepreneurs throughout Asia, who worked on problems such as energy, communication, waste, water, housing... and made videos that presented the entrepreneurs' projects, the social issues they wanted to solve and the challenges they had to overcome. Here is the video (click on picture) they made on their visit to our Solar Serve Center in Danang. For more information on the Gust Project, visit the: Gust project or visit the: Vimeo Channel
  • July 2012: Solar Serve News #33 After winning the CSIP award in 2011, a lot of things changed and a whole new scale of support and advice came together with it. A consultant encouraged us to design a new cooker which can be used for boiling water. This seems to be the greatest need at the moment. As a result we redesigned several models and will test them in the coming months.
  • April 2012: Vietnam Solar Serve has provided a recent video tour of their
    Making Solar Cookers and more in Vietnam (Danang)11:52

    Making Solar Cookers and more in Vietnam (Danang) .wmv

    production facility in Da Nang, Vietnam. The resourceful group has been adapting solar cooker designs from other countries and developing their own solar energy products since 2000. Looking at the larger alternative energy picture, they also promote photovoltaic panels made in Vietnam and are working on designs for water and wind power turbines. They manufacture a variety of solar cookers including parabolic and box cookers.
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