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Walter Siegmund 15:57, 23 March 2007 (UTC)

Solar cooker progress

March 11, 2007 after I build my solar cooker (parabolic cooker) I cooked my rice. It takes about 2 hours and was very teasty. March 12 I cooked a whole chicken in 5 hours. But the Chicken came ouf the freezer and it took already a long time before it was defrosted

I did build my parabolic cooker from a carton box (for free) Alu. folie (20 Philippines peso) and some schotch tape (5 peso). All together 25 peso (US$ 0,51). My coming information day will be hold on april 5 and 6 2007. Many people here are already very interested about solar cooking. I am busy now to make the FUNNEL cooker and I will make 1 or 2 box cookers. Just to let the people see de differends between the SC. Next time I will glue the alu. folie on the carton. In the bottom from the solar cooker I put some black carton. I painted a cookingpan black en put it in the solar cooker (after it was dried). I put a glas lid on the pan. I covered the whole parabolic cooker with a plastic (for free) I am looking very forward to the informationday and if some one has a good idea, just let me know.


march 16 2007,

Already 3 days too cloudy to test my Solar Cookers. We hope for sun in the weekend so we can test again with more people involved. We hope for sun during our information day in april. Thank to all who gave me tips and answers for my informationday.

Have a nice day

march 23 2007,

Today I put some meat outside in my solar cooker. When I 2 hours later looked in the Cooker there was no meat anymore. Looking around I found back my things, but no meat in there anymore. That dog always watch me when I go outside to put the cooker in the sun. I will find a way to be smarter than that dog. Still a lot of cloudy days at the moment. But sometimes we can use the Solar cooker.

The preparation about the information day goes on schedule. We hope, that day, the sun will visit us the whole day.

have a nice day

March 24 2008,

After one year I am back to continue where I stopped last year. I am sure it will be a better year. More people are interested and a team has started solar cooking. Today I cooked only vegetables. A very hot day and no problem at all. As last year we have a workshop in April and I wish I could have some solar cookit as used in Somalia or Kenya. Any one an idea how to get those cookits? Please let me know.

Have a nice day

You can order CooKits here. Tom Sponheim 23:22, 12 April 2008 (UTC)

April 12 2008.

At the moment there are a few people starting to use a Solar cooker. I go visit them almost every day and talk and evaluate. I am very happy now to see people getting more and more interested. People of my "team" cooked rice, chicken adobo, banana's, eggs, sweet potato's with different results. But they all are interested to know more. So it give me a good feeling. At last we can also spread here Solar cooking step by step.

Wish you all a sunny day.

Sunday May 4 2008

At last there is progression about spreading Solar Cooking here. I make some Parvati Solar Cookers. I buy some small cooking pots, painted them black as instructed and went to my friends with all those things. I used the trainers manual for to instruct them about Solar Cooking. I visit them almost every day and they were all amazing about it. All those people do have friends around them and I see how more and more people getting interested and want to know more. The next step is now to have some workshops. I am busy to prepare and with the testimonies from my friends I think we are on our way.

Why do I use the Parvati Cooker? I make a Cookit, but it did not working very well. I don't know why not.(maybe some one can answer that question) So I make the Parvati Cooker what works very good. But it is more difficult to make one. It cost more time and is more expensive.

By one of my friends we make a Shielded fire stove from cement. He is still testing it, but the results are until now very good. More people (using firewood) around him want to know more about it.

I try to find some donors who will donate materials and other things I need. I know now the way is long, but looking to the results at the moment I am very optimistic.

stay healthy and wish you all lots of Solar Cooking days

May 14 2008,

What a great feeling to see my friends using the different of Solar cookers with good results. My friends are living in very poor neighborhoods. Most of the people around them getting more and more interested about Solar Cooking. Next month, after my friends have more knowledge, we will have some demonstration days and workshops. One of the introduction days will be held at the church area the first week of June. That day there will be an open house at the renovated church. Our team will be there with their solar cookers and we will prepare snacks. We are trying to find Donors who will offer something for this open house.

One of our team members has make a Shielded Fire Stove from soil and cement it work very well and it save him time and firewood. He make another one, transportable, and with the same results. as the bigger one.

Another team member will start a business, produce and selling Solar cookers. This coming Saturday we have a meeting about how to start that kind of business. Any helpful tips are welcome. We try to find the big cardboard 120X90 cm for making the Cookit.

I make the Cookit in 3 parts and then I taped it together. Now it is working Very Good. The problem at this moment is the daily dose sun. But it will change I am sure.

All together the project is going on and I am sure at the end of the year 100 or more families will us a Solar Cooker.

Please if there is something you think it can help me, please let me know.

wish you all a sunny day


June 4 2008,

15 solarcookers and 3 stoves are in use here now in this neighborhood. all the solar cookers are from the type Parvati. More people getting interested and coming Saturday June 7 2008 we have an open house in our church (The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints} and an information and demonstration Solar Cooking. We make a transportable stove from cement and we will present that too during the Open Day.It save 60% of firewood, do not produce smoke once it is burning and reduce the cooking time wit 50% as the tester told me.He has not to buy firewood anymore. He just go to the trees and pick up some sticks from the ground and he use that. My friend and I are planning now to go to schools and try to have workshops about Solar cookers. We will ask if during those workshops students will make Solar Cookers for the poor people in their neighborhood. One school already has picked up the idea and they will make Solar Cookers, but for their own students, because the are all from poor families.

I also make from the Heaven's Flame Cooker, only the 4 reflectors. I glued the 4 reflectors together and make just a bottom, not a box. I test it now and it work the same as the Parvati Cooker and it is much easier to make. I make each reflector with a base of 32 cm and with the top of 74 cm and the angle is 67 degrees. I glued silversheet paper inside. The temperature goes in 2 hours up to 250 Fahrenheit. Can some one tell me what is the different between the round and the square Solar Cooker?

Next week I will continue en post some of the open day, and I will post some pictures about it.

Wish you all a nice day.


Cooking chicken adobo
Setup 2
Setup for demo

Back again.

Solar cooking demonstration at the foot of the Mount Apo near Davao in the Philippines. April 5, 2010 we left, around 10 am, Cagayan de Oro city for the trip to Davao. I have got an invitation from the AbointizPower company ( to have a solar cooking demonstration April 6 2010. When we arrived in Davao we went to our hotel and reviewed the demonstration for the following day.

At 5.15 am the alarm of my cell phone waked me up and told us to prepare for the demonstration. After shower and breakfast our 4wheel driven car, with driver, my contact person of the company and a photographer, arrived to pick us up and to bring us in the mountains to the barangay Tudaya. The road was very rough and I guess our driver was a rally driver. Nothing was too difficult for him. Deep holes, big stones, steep slope up or down but I really enjoyed the 2 hours trip to the barangay. Very beautiful overviews in the mountains. Many trees, with different kinds of fruit, crops in the fields, rice fields and many other vegetables and fruits. And most of all, children, children and more children. In Netherlands you can see any color hair, but here you see only brown and black hair and eyes. And at this moment so many banners, folder and pictures for the coming elections in May. It really take your view away from the beauty of the nature. I am wondering if after the elections all the candidates go back to remove all those banners, folder and pictures.

But whenever we arrived in the barangay and after a short hello we started to set up the solar cookers first, because there are many clouds and we needed the all the moments with sun. After the solar cookers were set up and filled with the different kinds of food I started to explain about solar cooking. After a few minutes the representative of the company asked me if I could speak in Bisaya, the spoken language here. I can’t speak Bisaya and my friend took over to explain the things I did.

We cooked rice, sweet potatoes and chicken adobo. The weather was not real as what we expected, but there was sometimes sun. While the food was in the solar cookers we talked to the people about solar cooking, water pasteurization, their life in the mountains and other things. The wind was so heavy sometimes that one of the solar cookers was blow down with the cooking pot with the chicken in it. Around 1 pm we stopped cooking and opened the cooking pans. The rice was almost cooked, the sweet potatoes also, but the chicken was ok. It convinced the people that solar cooking is possible and that they can save, wood and fuel for cooking. We were invited to have a workshop in the month of May after the elections. After we packed our demo materials we left the people and drove back to the city and the bus terminal. We left Davao around 5 pm and arrived in Cagayan de Oro around midnight.

Conclusion: Even with a little sun we could convinced people the benefits of solar cooking. We got an invitation for a work shop about solar cookers and the company will contact us for that.

Paul van den Hurk
Cagayan de Oro city

April 12, 2010 Neighborhood demonstration.

Today I was asked for a solar cooking demonstration in my neighborhood and also the coming weeks I have been asked for some demonstrations near my house. Today I cooked rice, pork and eggs. It was like in Davao cloudy and windy. Learned from Davao I let the food this time longer in the solar cooker. After the cooking time the rice and the meet were cooked very well and the eggs were soft boiled. It was a nice demonstration and the people were also convinced about the benefits of solar cooking. I am sure that some people of the today’s demonstration go to build a solar cooker within 2 weeks. I hope the weather will be a little better the coming days. And next week I will make another rapport for this site.


April 21, 2010

Sweet corn, sweet potatoes, eggs, all without water. Puso (rice in a small basket of coconutleafs, open the link for more information.. [[1]] ), pork, beef, chicken and fish. That all was cooked last week in my neigberhood demonstrations. The weather was perfect. Not even one cloud during the cooking time. I put the food for the lunch in the solarcooker before 9am and it was finished. The food for dinner at noon in the solar cooker and it was finished in time. Meat very, very tender and the other foods perfect. I cooked just beside the road and many passing people asked me a lot of questions and I have now some invitations for demonstrations. I talked about the puso in the Cogon Public Market and people couldn't believe it was only the sun, because the rice in the puso has to be boiled for about 40 minutes and in the solar cooker it take longer but no any fuel. It was a nice discussion and we laughted a lot. But the result is that I have to demonstrate for those people next month. It is a very crowded market and I am sure it will be a succes if we have the sun as the last week. I have to contact now people who can give me permission for that demonstration. I will update this site after each activity.

I have problems with to make a cookit, because I can not find the rigth material. I use now illustration board and tape 2 pieces together so I have the size for to make a cookit, but it is not strong enough. Some one a good idea or tip?

I tried to make a solar oven with a black painted and isolated carton box. After I put in the rice in there and has covered with a glaswindow i put some extra reflectors. After one hour my glaswindow broke in many pieces. Can some one tell me what to do so the glas will not break.

Paul van den Hurk.

April 25, 2010


Here a picture from solarcookers in my own garden in the Philippines. And today I had my first order to deliver a solarcooker from one of my neighbors.

Sunrise June 2010
Nemisia explain the working
Made from diaper box
The sun at work

June 4, 2010

A lot of questions today during another demonstration in Cagayan de Oro City. Last week while I was walking in another part of our city I passed a place with simple houses and many people living in those houses. I started to talk about their living and special about their way of cooking. As usual most of them are using "kahoy". Look [here] for a picture of kahoy. I explain then about solar cooking and told them I would be back at June 3 for a demonstration about solar cooking.

June 3 was a very cloudy day so I went to the villagers and told them to wait until the next day or next week. But today it was perfect weather for our project. I talk every time about we and I will introduce my friend and translator, Nemisia Bontilao from Aurora in the Philippines. She translated the trainings manual from English into Visayas. She is a great help and knows more and more about solar cooking.

We started today around 9 am with a real clear sky. After we arrived I prepared all the things we needed and Nemisia was the one who explained all I did. We cooked chicken adobo and rice. Unbelief, skeptical and wondering with what we are going to do. We put the rice in a cooking pot and the chicken in another and then in the solar cooker. Then it was time to transfer our self in the shadow and to start to answer the many questions. With so many questions the time flies away and before we know it was time to let the people see the results. All was cooked very well and in no time all what we cooked was eaten by the villagers. Tasty, tender, great invention etc. etc. was what we heard. The next step is to have a workshop for those people and it will be held June 19, 2010. For that workshop I have to find some sponsors who will offer us some materials and then special all. foil All in all we had a great demonstration and we all looking forward to the next solar cooking activity.

Nice to know that in the North of the Philippines another project has started. Read the following mail I received.

To Mr. Paul Van Den Hurk,


I want to thank you for all the information you've posted in Wikipedia regarding solar cooking. They have all been a great help in my personal research regarding solar cooking, which I intend to share with my fellow "kababayans" in Vintar, Ilocos Norte, a very small town with many marginalized communities.

Thank you very much, Sir, and God bless.

I am looking forward to see you in the near future.

Truly, Raizel Albano

Thursday, June 2010

The day after the elections in my homeland Netherlands. Many things are going to change the coming years I guess. I am wondering what parties are going to make the government and who will be the Prime Minister.

But yesterday the electionday We made a KYOTO BOX. [2] It is one of the most simple and cheapest solar cookers I ever saw and made. I think it is not even one dollar all together. Here the way we did. I went to the MAKRO nearby my house. Asked some emty cartonboxes. I explained for what and they gave me 6 for free. The only thing was they didn't have 2 boxes where you could put one in another. But that is no problem just make one of the boxes what smaller and it is ok. The box was too high and I cutted in the corners open to make the reflectors longer and the box at the good high. I glue all. foil and you can make the box insite black with charcoal. But we just put some black montage board, what was a left over. We used some plastic as lid over the black inside box. Later I will use plexiglas, but will increase the cost with about 2 dollar. Today we cooked in it and after 3 hours the meat was very tender. The temperature reached 260 degrees F. We go use this kyoto box in our workshop for sure. Tomorrow we go make another one and I will make some pictures and post it asap

I go sleep now and at the moment I am Father, Mother, have to bring and to pick-up my 2 children at school and do some in the house and in the freetime I do some about solar cooking. Will you see me? Look at and them PGM you can subscribe there also in english and leave a message.

Thats all for now.

Entrance Kong Hua school
Two solar cookers at the Kong Hua School
Finished food
He, cah you believe this???
Wow, burn almost my mouth, very tasty

June 16 and 17, 2010

Back again. Those 2days we used to demonstrate solar cooking in the school of my children. It was just an impulse. Talking about solar cooking at home we want to let more people know about it. Then we decided to set up 2 cookits at June 16 and cook hotdogs for all the nannies (yaya here) and other people who were around. As usual the idea was ok, but nobody was interested to sponsor some hotdogs. So I sponsored, as always, this time one kilo of hotdogs. Many of them were very skeptical and didn’t believe the sun could cook that. I put the hotdogs and 2 clear plastic bags and then in the cookit. The time was 10am. Maybe questions were answered by Nemisia and some people wanted to have a demonstration for family, or organizations. At 11 am we opened the bags and presented the hotdogs to the people there in the waiting area. Tasty, great, unbelievable is what we hear always and also this time. We promised to go back with another model solar cooker the next day.

The next day June 17, 2010 seemed not so sunny as the previous day. But at 6PM we started to prepare all the things for our next demonstration. The solar cookers, cooking pots with rice and meat (pork ribs) and all the other materials we needed. After the children finished their preparation we went to school riding a trisikad (open link to see one). ( This time we needed 2 because we had to bring a lot. But normally we ride only one. When we arrived at school we set up the two solar cookers and put in the rice and the meat after people inspected that it was not yet cooked. And then at 11.40AM we opened the plastic bags and got the cooking pots out. Under the critical eyes from many we opened the pots and….. He rice was not cooked enough by lack of water, but the meat was real tender. We let the people try again and there were many discussions about the solar cookers. We got some more invitations for workshop, demo and information. The security guard asked the left over and he has his meal for that day. All together we had two great day at the Kong Hua school in Cagayan de Oro city, Philippines. Some pictures are attached. Tomorrow a workshop in another area, but the solar cooking goes forward and hopefully I can soon post and write about the progress here.

Thanks for reading

Workshop June 19, 2010. Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. We will give thank to the MAKRO who sponsored us with many empty carton boxes.

The workshop started around 10 am. After explanation about some technical details some people started to make their own Solar Cooker. Just look at the pictures to see the progress. Around lunchtime we stopped and there were 5 solar cookers finished. Next week I go follow up about the use and distribute some plastic bags. It is very difficult here to find big plastic bags for to put the cooking pot in. Often we make from 2 small bags one big one. We have now more invitations for demo’s and workshops. So better we do workshop and demo at the same day. It save time and traveling expenses for us. Conclusion: some details and techniques we have to explain better next workshop. Materials are another detail we have to think about. Special the foil and glue. We had fun and add more friends to our life.

Pictures will follow

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