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My circumstances are such that I usually work on hot sunny days so it makes it very difficult for me to solar cook. With that In mind, I have set about to design a simple backyard solar collector that might store the solar energy until I come home at 5.30 or 6 pm. I have not yet succeeded but there have been dividends from the work. I made a low tech solar accumulator this summer. It worked but not great. For it I had to design a low tech solar tracker, and a low tech way to make a parabolic dish. These methods have now been added to the public domain. But parabolic dishes are just too finicky. I set about making dish that would have more relaxed parameters. I came up with a "compound" parabolic dish and 2 methods to make it. This September I tested one as a stand alone solar cooker and it gets an A! It is easy to make, easy to aim and reliable. You can see this and my other solar work at 

The designs I show are totally mine and public domain so feel free to modify them and make them better I have used solar with funnel and parabolic cookers to kill weed seeds and grubs in soil. This works well. I have used it for 2 seasons. I add water to the soil to make it moist. 3 reasons, wet heat is meaner to grubs and weed seeds and spreads the heat better through the mass of soil and also the moisture prevents the humus from burning. I have bought digital oven thermometers for the summer of 2008 to determine the temperature needed for the process. (I used to think 70 degrees C is enough but 80C is definitely better). This might also be usefull for autumn use to "solarize" fruit that falls to the ground. Often fruit falls because of insect attack. solarization in any solar cooker might kill grubs and spores and reduce infection for the next year. Gardening is very popular across the world. I believe it is not so mission critical to have perfect cooking with this application so people might accept garden solar quite readily! I expect garden soil solar cooking to be shown on Television in the USA in 2009. Hopefully with a compound parabolic solar cooker doing the cooking! Brian White

Is this your device?

Mechanical Mathematician Tom Sponheim 17:38, 3 February 2008 (UTC) Yes

Very clever tracking mechanism!

Hi. I added a page on Tracking. We can start adding ideas to that page. This latest one is very ingenious! Tom Sponheim 19:01, 12 February 2008 (UTC)

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