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February 9, 2010

organizing page

Hi Ashok:

I've been making some changes to the "Parabolic Solar Reflectors" page in an effort to organize the contents in a coherent way. A few weeks ago, it was - to my eye - very confusing. I think it's better now, but you may disagree. What do you think?

DowenWilliams 14:22, September 4, 2010 (UTC) David Williams

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Dear Dowen,

There are more points of agreement between us than disagreements.

However the disagreements need to be aired and resolved.

But the Parabolic reflector page is not the proper forum to do that as it is often consulted by ordinary users looking for practical solutions and who may be put off by theoretical discussions.

My intention was to create a new page on Non Imaging Optics and explain how it relates to Solar cookers, existing and proposed.

After all box cookers do implement Non Imaging Optics and are the most common solar cookers.

In my opinion, the patent part properly belongs to a new section on elliptical surfaces and not to either concic section or parabolas.

I will be able to create that page after some time.

If you would like to see an outline of the page before the contents get filled, I can create the outline.

In one line:

Flat surfaces create images spread over an area; conic sections create a line of focus; elipses normally diverge parallel rays but converge when diverging rays start from a foci; in between they create a broad band focus spread over a varying area; parabolas focus parallel rays to its principal axis but what they do when rays are not parallel is not easy to describe.

I skip hyperbolas as they are not relevant.



non-imaging optics

Hi Ashur:

Sure. A page on Non-Imaging Optics sounds like a good idea. Maybe you could move the existing Funnel Cookers page into it, along with the material to which you referred a few days ago.

If you'd like me to take a look at it before you post it, I would be happy to do so.


It's refreshing to see some commentary on solar cooking technology which is not hyperoptimistic and purely promotional. Criticism brings much more nourishing food for thought than endless starry-eyed proclamations about how solar cooking will save the world if everyone would just do it. It can help. It's worth working on. It will become more important as nonrenewable fuels are depleted and solid renewables become scarce. Good that someone will acknowledge and discuss the problems and limitations, this is what will help adaptation in the real world. 17:14, June 29, 2012 (UTC)

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