Engineers Without Borders - Iran [1-2] organized an education program at Tal-e-Zard village, a poor/rural region located almost 200 Km far from Shiraz, Iran. The team included Razieh Amini nezhad (Food Science and Technology student), Fatemeh Rahimi (Mechanical Engineering student) and Soheil Salimi (Civil Eng. BSc, Environmental Engineering student MSc.) conducted this event. Razieh Amini nezhad and Fatemeh Rahimi encouraged mothers to participate in the program with their girls; and shared past successful experiences of using Solar Cookers in Fasa University and Hafez Girl School with them. Local women, girls and children were the attendees of our program on Friday Aug. 8, 2014.

EWB Iran - Solar Cooking Program

An education program conducted by Engineers Without Borders Iran in a poor/rural region _ Left to Right: Razieh Amini nezhad, Soheil Salimi (President of EWB Iran, Lecturer) and Fatemeh Rahimi

Soheil Salimi (Founder/President of EWB Iran) lectured how we can make some simple and cheap Solar Cooker models. Housewives were so surprised when Soheil presented some videos and photos of broad types of foods can be made by Solar Cookers. Presenting some photos of other people’s experiences in using solar thermal cooking around the world caused they were be more interested in variety types of solar cookers.


Local women, girls and children were the attendees of our program on Friday Aug. 8, 2014

Furthermore, these people live just in neighborhood of Tashk Lake which has been turned to a Salt desert at this days. They even don’t have safe drinking water and have to carry water tanks to the home by car. We extremely suggested to use “Water Distillation” for removing high salt concentration in their house water.

At the end of the Solar Cooking program he talked about the Sun and Astronomy, girl students eagerly listened to the story of Anousheh Ansari, the first astronaut of Iranian descent and first female private space explorer [3].

We’re so glad that we have had an effective impacts on promoting Solar Cooking in Iran. Our country is blessed with abundant strong Sunlight for 300 sunny days [average] in each year; and its people deserve to know about Solar Cooking.



Engineers Without Borders Iran:

[1] Facebook Page:

[2] SCI Profile:

Anousheh Ansari:


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