For some reason the weather over this last summer has been mostly wet. This is good in one way, we were coming very close to running out of water and the constant rain has filled up our dams (an almost unimaginable amount of water).

The down side is that I've barely been able to cook anything with my cookit for the last 6 months or more.

Just last week I tried a curry roast chicken and also a pot of mixed vegetables (pumpkin, potato and sweet potato). Both turned out great, and the temperature got up to 130 C for the chicken.

I like the idea of that electric solar oven, because we get intermittent clouds here so the temperature of my cookit goes up and down every time a cloud goes over. the electric oven would need very little energy to keep the food at a constant temperature. The problem is shipping to Australia is expensive and it is only set up for 110 Volts, while Australia is like most of the rest of the world running on 240 Volts.

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