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I am a mature Welsh man who has for the past six years lived under the sun in the south of Italy, befor that Texas and more sun.However my kneen partnership with the sun started many years befor as the C.E.O. of Better Covers of Bristol making reflective covers and low cost heating systems. After five years of trading we had over twenty thousend customers all over the world useing our freezer covers, heaters, filters and reflective lighting systems. When I sold Better Covers our sales were over two million a year and the new owners were thinking of going Public.

Taking a year off and simply sailing my boat I returned into teaching and ran programes teaching young people self effiency. In 2001 I met my wife and settled in Texas.  Here I worked on water heating systems and developing a low cost Heat Exchanger that could be made for under thirty dollars.

Here in Italy I have consentrated on developing a multi funtion solar collector that can be used for, Cooking, Heating Water and production of electricity, light enought to be carried by a child yet with a verry low price tag. 

The dish is a combination of old and new technologies its size can be determined by the requirments of the application and with its simple operation needs no long and intensive training sessions. It can be set up and used in a short time then foulded up and stored away until needed again.

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