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April 14, 2007

I am honored to have worked with SCI over the years to maintain the recipe archive.

I previously was a graphic designer with Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) and one project I typeset and designed was the Solar Cookbook -- the origination of that publication actually dates back to the 1970's, when Home Economists employed by SMUD converted recipes from standard cookbooks and tested them for use in the solar cooking environment. These women were way ahead of their time! The home economists also distributed the cookbook and performed demonstrations about the virtues of solar cooking as part of the community outreach for SMUD, the local electric company in Sacramento.

When I was assigned the project in the early 1990's, I worked with other graphic designers at SMUD to give the cookbook a makeover. The home economist position at SMUD had long since been eliminated and some of the women who had worked in that capacity were now in the marketing and public relations goes to them for keeping the concept and the recipes alive!

The revised cookbook was published as a community service piece and included in marketing packages handed out at public events during the push for renewable energy education at SMUD in the 1990's.

After I left SMUD to pursue the rewarding career as stay-at-home mom and artist, the solar cookbook was always in the back of my mind, so I contacted Solar Cookers International with the idea to bring the recipes online for all to share. I have had the priviledge of maintaining the recipes at, trying to retain some of the graphic content of the original cookbook, which now is over 40 years old!

The creation of the Wiki is the logical next step for the recipes and it's very exciting for me personally to have the recipes transform into an interactive application. The idea that this body of work can expand into a worldwide audience is something that the dedicated home economists at SMUD may never have dreamed of so long ago. From little seeds grow great trees!

I have included some original graphics from the solar cookbook to spice up the layout here at the Wiki. If you have any questions about how to format your contributions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

For more about me and my online art, please visit me at[1]

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