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IDCOOK, part of SUNITED Group, working through a research and development program towards concentrated solar power (CSP) to bring innovations that benefit and work in harmony with their geographical and human environment. IDCOOK strives to find ways to harness Sun's resources to the maximum in an effort to preserve our planet, as part of a broader vision of sustainable development.

IDCOOK has developed a comprehensive range of innovative, high-tech solar-powered appliances, including solar ovens, and solar barbecues. The company, part of French-based group SUNITED, specializing in solar power, is seeking local importers and international distributors for its environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products.

Users of solar barbecues COOKUP 200 or COOKUP INOX can take their equipment anywhere they go, using it in their garden, on the beach, or on a walk and picnic. Within minutes of stopping for lunch, the solar barbecue is assembled and ready for use, so that users can enjoy risk-free cooking with the Sunrays as sole required source of energy. The solar barbecue COOKUP 200 is intended for mobile use, it could be assembled in 10 minutes without tools, and comes with a carry bag. Additional solar barbecue COOKUP INOX consists of a stainless steel frame, which does not require any shelter during rainy days. This barbecue is intended for sedentary use.

With solar ovens SUNCOOK+ or SUNCOOK TROPICAL, users are able to cook healthily and ecologically, just as one would in a standard oven, but using Sunrays as only source of energy. Gentle cooking using a solar oven will help people rediscover the genuine flavors of freshly prepared food, while preserving all the nutrients.

Portable solar oven TROTTER COOKER can be taken anywhere: the bag folds out into a cooker ready for your creations in an instant! Light and ultra-portable, this foldaway cooker is ideal for rambling, camping or beach use.

Presenting the ideal kit to get you started with solar cooking! The SOLAR COOKING KITcomprises a reflector, thermometer, cooking bag, plate-holder and solar recipe booklet. Assembly is complete within 1 minute, allowing instant, unsupervised cooking. Its light, foldaway design means you can take it anywhere you go!

The SOLAR LIGHTER developed by IDCOOK is an unexpected and original accessory : it lights paper, twigs and cigarettes in just 3 seconds! Moreover, its round, compact and colourful presentation make it a fun, handy and novel product. With the SOLAR LIGHTER, amaze your friends and make the most of the free, limitless energy available from the sun! Customizable, the SOLAR LIGHTER can be an excellent promotional tool.

As Europe’s leader in solar cooking, IDCOOK is intent on pursuing its international growth. IDCOOK currently markets its products through a variety of distribution channels including stores specializing in outdoor living, shops focused on ecologically, friendly and organic products, as well as garden centers and DIY stores.

Solar cooking is not just a choice but a necessity for millions of people across the world who travel several miles distances to collect wood or charcoal and for those forced to spend what meager income they have on fuel for cooking. In line with our vision to develop solar cooking in countries where it is vital, and disseminate awareness of this technology, we have committed to provide an initial demonstration of its capability and suitability for western markets.

In March 2011, we were awarded the Janus de l’Industrie design award by the French Design Institute for our COOKUP 200 solar barbecue.

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