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Jean Martinez-Monaghan<br>
Jean Martinez-Monaghan<br />
3392 Kings Neck Drive<br>
3392 Kings Neck Drive<br />
Virginia Beach, {{state|Virginia}}<br>
Virginia Beach, {{state|Virginia}}<br />
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Email: []
Email: []
[[Category:New Mexico]]
[[Category:New Mexico]]

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U of NM, Gallup soalr cooker

The UNM-G Solar Oven

A project developed in 2006 by Jeannie Martnez-Welles (Monaghan) and John L. Welles at the University of New Mexico - Gallup Campus, USA, involved designing a solar box cooker that would be used to promote solar cooking among the local Native American population. Using funds from the Centers for Disease Control, and the National Institues of Health, the UNM-G Solar Oven was developed and distributed across the Navajo Nation, and Zuni Reservation.

Jean Martinez-Monaghan began solar cooking herself in 2002, and has since 2013, has taught approximately 700 people to solar cook.

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Jean Martinez-Monaghan
3392 Kings Neck Drive
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Tel.: +1 505-863-7664


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