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The UltraLightCooker uses foam panels for support, and was designed by Andrew Kotowski. He built this cooker specifically for a trip to Poland. The objective was to build a simple cooker, light, cheap and easy to carry. It is good for a demonstration and to cook simple meals.

Materials used: Sunshades car and plate of polystyrene (1.5 cm thick). Weight: 0.5 kg (no recipient).

UltraLightCooker Plus variation

UltraLightCooker side, 3-7-13

UltraLightCooker Plus variation

UltraLightCooker front, 3-7-13
UltraLightCooker rolled, 3-7-13

The cooker rolls up for convenient transport.

This cooker has four reflective panels plans that focus sunlight on a cook pot with a transparent Pyrex cover. The pot is placed on a bottom insulator which is based on a reflective panel horizontal. The advantage of this cooker is its simplicity. It is lightweight, collapsible and easy to carry. This version is optimized for cooker European climatic conditions or more generally between latitude 40 ° and 60 °. The solar cooker is a green solution. It can be used on a balcony or a terrace as well as a picnic or in the garden. It can also be used in educational purposes or for demonstrations.

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