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The Ugandan American Global Initiatives is a global non-religious, non-governmental and non-political humanitarian organization that works to promote peace, environment, cultural, and empowerment Initiatives. Working to transfer applicable practical technology and resources to address the challenges and basic human needs in the developing world through community partnerships. UAGI will focus initially on the greater East African region starting in Uganda. The executive Director and president is Ron Mutebi, a businessman from Chicago, USA and an immigrant from Uganda. He has been interested in helping to introduce solar cooking to his homeland as they try to control deforestation.

News and recent developments

Ron Mutebi Uganda photo 9-1-10

Ron Mutebi demonstrates a Global Sun Oven in Uganda

  • September 2010: Ron Mutebi has used the first portion of a $100,000 business competition prize to begin setting up an operation in his homeland of Uganda, to produce and distribute solar ovens. He won his prize at the African Diaspora Marketplace competition in Washington in January. Mutebi arranged to ship from Chicago the components for 365 solar ovens and tools to assemble them in July. The shipment is scheduled to arrive in Uganda in October. In November, Mutebi will travel to Uganda to oversee the completion of an assembly plant and the training of staff to produce, distribute and service the cookers, made by Sun Ovens International in Elgin, Illinois. The ovens will appear in Ugandan markets in January 2011. For more info see: Businessman in Chicago Launches Solar Ovens in Uganda

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