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Ulog light1


The ULOG light is a commercial box solar cooker, portable and very light, designed for countryside days. It can cook for three people. It's available ready to be used as well as dismantled in a kit. Its materials made the cooker quite resistant to stay outside. The cooker can reach temperatures higher than 130 ºC.


The body of the oven is light wood, with wool as insulation, and recycled printing aluminium sheets (black painted) to make the interior acumulation box. The exterior case is made of nylon fabric. The captation window includes a wood frame and a double window: glass towards the interior and a plastic sheet in the exterior side. The reflector is also made with recycled aluminium sheets

Ulog light2

Dismantled Ulog light


Dimensions: Base: 50 X 52 cm. With the reflector closed, has a maximum height of 45 cm. With the reflector completely open it reaches a maximum height of 94 cm.

Weight: 5 kg (without recipients).

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