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Last updated: 5 December 2011      
Tulsi Hybrid Oven

The Tulsi Hybrid Oven, manufactured by Sun BD Corporation, has a unique electrical backup allowing it to be used with or without sun. In backup mode, a built-in thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature as needed. The Tulsi-Hybrid comes with four stainless steel-lidded pots that are hard black coated for UV heat absorption.

The Tulsi-Hybrid features:

  • A rugged one-piece reflector panel
  • Double paned oven window
  • Double rubber oven seals
  • Larger internal cooking chamber allows you to cook up to 4 foods at a time
  • Rugged suitcase design offers clamshell like protection to internal parts
  • Portable for easy transporting

Recent news and developments

Audio and video

Sun Focus & Tulsi Hybrid Solar Ovens08:47

Sun Focus & Tulsi Hybrid Solar Ovens.wmv

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See Sun BD Corporation.

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