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Trees for the Future in partnership with Greener Ethiopia, who have planted more than two million trees in Ethiopia's Gurage zone. Twenty percent of all sales from Ethiopia From the Heart—which costs $55—goes towards planting new indigenous trees in Ethiopia, in an attempt to rejuvenate its habitat and save plants and animals from extinction. Asfaw has also, with a group of professional artists, formed The Mechale Group whose mission is to "facilitate environmental stewardship through fundraising, art, education, alternative technologies, tree planting, and photo-ecotourism, beginning with Ethiopia."

The group, which was started in 1989, hopes to improve the country one village at a time by providing jobs and alternative ways of cooking, starting with the Dendi region, which boasts a large lake and rich soil. The cyclical plan consists of hiring villagers to build a road and raising the money to buy the materials. This accomplishes two goals: it provides local jobs and improves infrastructure. Andarge Asfaw, a photographer who works with Trees for the Future is also negotiating with solar companies to donate solar cookers. In order to receive the cookers, which harness the sun's energy rather than relying on wood or charcoal, families would have to plant a certain number of trees.

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