January 2018

PAU community cooker, India, photo- Ashwani Dhiman, 1-12-18 copy
Community solar cookers can save fuel, says expert
Solar-Trough-Baking-Oven 2018
Detailed information on the Solar-Trough-Baking-Oven now available
SCI logo (yellow), 4-5-17
Deadline January 15 to vote for SCI, now a finalist in the MIT Climate CoLab "Energy Supply" contest
November 2017

Louise Meyer 2008
Louise Meyer, co-founder of Solar Household Energy, to receive award from Leaders in Energy
Great British Solar Bake Off 2017 demonstration, 11-7-17 copy
Stewart MacLachlan chronicles the activities of the Great British Solar Bake Off 2017, part of this year's Green Gathering, held in Chepstow, United Kingdom
How many solar cookers 2016
See solar cooker distribution numbers worldwide, and add your project to the interactive map
October 2017

Roger Haines meets with the Alliance for African Assistance to discuss solar cooker distribution., photo - Roger Haines copy
Dedicated solar cooking proponent, Roger Haines, visits India, Kenya, and Uganda
Kakuma May 2017
Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya setting the pace in use of renewable energy
Mamelodi, S.A. solar bakery ,10-11-17 copy
A community-scaled solar box oven to serve as a bakery for the SOS Children's Village in Mamelodi, South Africa
Sun Buckets logo, 1-4-17
Sun Buckets is seeking organizations as early adopters
ISO logo, 10-9-17 copy
The ISO process for clean cookstoves will have its concluding session in Katmandu, Nepal 30 October - 3 November 2017
Greenpeace logo, 10-5-17 copy
Greenpeace Launches Solar Energy Education Project in Morocco

For earlier news see the solar cooking news archive.

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