Upcoming webinar

SCI & Kozon logo, 8-8-17
Webinar: 30 August 2017: How to Promote Integrated Solar Cooking as a Social Business - Two Examples of Success in Africa - Solar Cookers International and Solar Cooking KoZon will be sharing best practices and lessons learned from decades of experience. The live webinar is free and open to the public.
August 2017

ISES Webinar logo, 8-17-17
The International Solar Energy Society joined with Solar Cookers International to host a webinar devoted to the initial progress being made in solar cooker performance evaluation (PEP). Listen online.
SCI annual report 2017
Solar Cookers International has published its Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2017
July 2017

Anera in Gaza July 2017
In Gaza, 160 families are using sunlight for cooking, reducing their dependency on fuel and electricity
June 2017

ISES logo
The International Solar Energy Society joins the Solar Cookers International Association
Faustine Odaba in Kenya refugee camps 2, 2016
Moving Energy Initiative request for proposals, by 2 July 2017, from organizations interested in participating in creating a viable market opportunity for deployment at scale of non-wood based cooking solutions in Kenyan refugee camps
PEP cropped 2017
Solar Cookers International launches pilot solar cooker testing centers in California and New York
Solar Connect Assoc. store, 6-5-17
The Solar Connect Association has created a thriving solar cooker business in Uganda
Solar Cooking Kozon 05-17
Togo Tilé establishing self-supporting solar cooker business in Mali
May 2017

Haiti call for new 2017
Haiti: Responses to SCI's call for data
SCI logo (yellow), 4-5-17
Employment Opportunities: Public Relations Officer - Solar Cookers International, Sacramento, California USA
Kakuma 2017
Vivek Kabra brings SuryaKumbh to the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya to teach 500 families to solar cook

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