Last updated: 19 April 2017      
Tonembee 2017

The Tonembee Association is helping third world communities in need. As of spring 2017, more than 900 families are cooking with solar cookers in Kithuia Village, Kenya. The area is in the midst of the worst drought, famine, and deforestation in recorded history. Additionally Tonembee is sending 16 village teenagers to high school and one has gone on to university for the first time ever.

Audio and video

  • January 2017:
Nicholas Kithembe - Tonembee Association10:38

Nicholas Kithembe - Tonembee Association

  • April 2015: 
Nduku and her Solar Cooker05:00

Nduku and her Solar Cooker

An African villager shows how her solar cooker has changed many lives. For more information:


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