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Last updated: 28 March 2016      
Tom Sponheim during class 2011

Tom Sponheim, who lives in Seattle, Washington, is the founder and an Administrator of this Wiki. Tom has been involved with solar cooking since 1988. He was the editor of Solar Box Journal until it merged with Solar Cookers International's newsletter Solar Cooker Review.

Tom is the co-inventor of the Collapsible Solar Box Cooker and Easy Lid Cooker.

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  • July 2014:
Sponheim, Hedrick SCInet Wiki-010:58

Sponheim, Hedrick SCInet Wiki-0

  • July 2009:
Tom Sponheim at Sustainable NE Seattle's Solar Cookout03:13

Tom Sponheim at Sustainable NE Seattle's Solar Cookout

Tom Sponheim, a long-time advocate of solar cooking, discusses the Fun Panel cooker.

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Twitter: @SolarCookersInt

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