Last updated: 24 March 2016      
Hallquist Micro solar oven factory and bakery09:15

Hallquist Micro solar oven factory and bakery

Solar Oven Reflectors, Tom Hallquist's company, has spent the last five years building prototypes of solar ovens. This effort is best described as a cottage basement industry. We have concluded there are five design essentials for solar ovens are: affordable, simple, portable, durable, and nesting for shipping of components. Our current design is based on purchasing materials for 160 or more solar cookers. This allows anyone manufacturing this solar ovens to obtain price breaks for bulk purchase of materials. Assemble is done using good quality hand tools. We are currently using Graniteware 517 pots which do not nest. All other components do nest together. The ovens use a polycarbonate dome that sits on a reflector assemble. The reflector tilts to the sun allowing one to cook from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. The domes nest.

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