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Togo Tilé 2015

The Togo Tilé store

Togo Tilé is a solar cooking business that was established in the first half of 2014 by Seydou Coulibaly. Togo is his native village and Tilé means sun in Bambara. In the summer of 2014 Solar Cooking the Netherlands - KoZon concluded a two-year contract with him for a total of €15,000 to cover start-up costs of the business, a workshop, production and transport equipment and wage costs.

He started with the production and sale of CooKits and during the year expanded the assortment to include hay baskets and solar box cookers. There is a strong demand for hay baskets in particular: they sell 75 per month (mid-2015). Total monthly turnover reaches approx. €2,000.

Seydou now (2015) has four permanent staff plus a number of production employees and saleswomen. He has opened outlets in Segou, Bamako and Sikasso. His ultimate aim is to reach nationwide coverage. Indeed the women are able to pay the cooking equipment with the money they save on wood which means that this equipment is also affordable for poorer women. But Seydou does also and in particular look for his customers among the urban middle class.

After his study trip to the project in Uganda, in August 2015, he trained project leaders from Burkina Faso and Senegal in using a business approach.

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