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To help us with this wiki, just choose a task below and put your name next to it. When you are finished, move the task to the finished tasks section at the bottom of the page. See also What you can do to promote solar cooking.

One-time tasks Edit

  • Go through recent news stories and important articles and try to turn the red links into external links to existing resources on the Web.
  • Go through all of Solarcookingnut's videos and add as appropriate to Wiki articles (See Solarcookingnut.)
  • Add verbiage to WAPI to indicate that water slowly heats and cools and is thus in kill zone for quite a time.
  • Tighten up Canning article including some caveats for these issues: "We do not, and cannot recommend these canning procedures, even for fruits. I have never seen any heat penetration work published or referenced to know these procedures take care of target microorganisms for all different fruits and tomatoes. If it was this simple, we would have the same process time for every fruit, even in boiling water. Different foods and packs heat differently while processing in the canner. They are mis-interpreting "all you need is boiling temperature." The goal is not to just bring the syrup to boiling and stop heating. Plus, when syrups or liquids boil out of the jar, you run the risk of lids not sealing, since those surfaces which meet should be clean. Also, we set goals for desirable headspaces and evacuation of air from jars before sealing for good vacuums and quality during storage. Our recommendations do not include solar canning or the description you have provided."

Wishlist Edit

On-going tasks Edit

Completed tasksEdit

  • Test every external link on every NGO page and use the Wayback Machine on to recover any missing pages. Division of labor here

See also Archived completed tasks.

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