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Thermometer using egg yolk

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William Nix has tested the idea of using egg yokes to indicate water pasteurization temperature:

"I have several ways of doing it but egg yokes will not begin to cook until 150 degrees and I have also found that using half of an egg shell floating ontop of the water with egg yoke inside moves the temp needed to cook to 160 degree. I tested this mostly on the indoor stove because it has been cloudy but I feel confident that it will not be a problem to use this in a solar cooker because there seems to be soo many diffrent ways it can be used. Also one egg yoke can be used to test many diffrent cooking pots and the egg yoke can be eaten after the water has reached temp so there is zero waste. Or they could simply place the entire egg yoke in the pot and when it is done they eat the whole egg yoke."

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