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September 2015

Civil and mechanical engineering students use solar ovens to melt plastic bags into bricks for construction in Haiti
Centre loisir-August 2015
In France young people from a Liosir leisure center are introduced to solar cooking
August 2015

Nepalese students learn cook food and pasteurize water after the earthquake in a demo put on by FoST with funding from SCI.
Ludhiana, India to be included in solar city project
July 2015

Jose Andres Natioal Geographic December 2014
Celebrity chef José Andrés touts solar cooking in National Geographic article
Tracking Solar Cooker, C. Alan Nichols, 7-23-15
Tracking Solar Cooker provided to Civano Middle School in Arizona by C. Alan Nichols
Bolivia-Inti blue box cookers cropped
Bolivia Inti-Sud Soleil published its July 2015 newsletter, which offers updates on its latest activities
 ASABE makes Testing and Reporting Solar Cooker Performance test (ASAE S580.1 NOV2013) available online for free
Jeffrey Grossman heat storage 2015
MIT Professor Jeffery Grossman explains how potential molecular heat storage research is advancing. Solar cooking is a prime candidate for its use. So14 being fabricated in Pakistan, 7-17-15 provides guidance for engineering student project in Pakistan
Catlin Powers July 2014
Catlin Powers of One Earth Designs is interviewed about the SolSource and solar thermal cooking technology.
June 2015

French manufacturer IDCOOK has announced they will begin taking orders for their new SunDryer50
Soroptimist international3
Soroptimist International announces second solar cooker installation in Fiji
Faustine Odaba 5
Faustine Odaba presents solar cooking in Norway
Solar Punch June 2015
Solar Punch has announced plans for a return solar trekking trip to Nepal in November 2015, and a second possible trip planned for November 2016.

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August 2015

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