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*'''February 1-3, 2013: (Lugazi)''' The [[Solar Connect Association]] will teach a group of thirty women in the town of Lugazi, some thirty-five kilometers from Kampala, how to use [[Heat-retention cooking|hay baskets]] along with solar cookers. All others who would like to learn how to use a solar cooker with a hay basket are welcome to participate during this very hot weather. Contact [[Kawesa Mukasa]] for more information.
*'''Friday, February 22, 2013: (Kisuro)''' There will be a solar cooking home party at the home of Hajati Safina located in Kisuro, Isingoro District, Uganda. All people using solar cookers around Mbarara and Orukinga Refugee Settlement are welcome. We shall eat solar cooked food and thereafter dance to local folk music. Come with a friend who would like to know about solar cooking. Contact [[Kawesa Mukasa]] for more information.

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