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*'''January 26-28, 2013: (Vadodara)''' There will be a three-day solar food processing workshop at the Muni Seva Ashram in Goraj, Vadodara, [[India]]. The Ashram is known regionally for its environmental programs and extensive experience with organic gardening. [[Rolf Behringer]] reports that the German NGO [[WISIONS]] has agreed to support the establishment in India of the first regional [[Solar Food Processing Network]]. He is helping to organize the event. The aim of the Solar Food Processing Network (SFPN) is to establish a global network of interested parties (NGOs, governments, farmers, and manufacturers) to develop and promote efficient methods of solar food processing and conservation. On Jan. 28th there will be field trips to visit local solar food processing plants. See the [[Media:Invitation_to_Solar_Food_Workshop_2013_Goraj_final.pdf|Invitation]] and [ Registration] information.

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