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The Tamera Solar Village is a prototype for a solar installation that aims to get energy to cook, pump water, grinding and electricity, without using solar photovoltaic technology. The project is the result of decades of research by Jürgen and his organization Bomin Solar. The model has been designed for a 50 people african village. This model is to be built and tested in the eco-village Tamera, in Portugal. The Solar Village model consists in a mix of different technologies that allow for production, storage and use of solar energy. The cooker consists of a greenhouse tunnel of 30 to 40 sq.m., where a series of Fresnel lenses focus the solar rays in a focal line. An insulated black copper tube is placed in this line, and transports the vegetal oil, that may reach up to 220ºC. The greenhouse cover has a special coating, that allows solar lenghtwaves (specially UV), usually blocked by other materials, so the plants growth is improved and the cover has a longer life. The hot oil is stored in an insulated cylindrical tank easy to build locally. With this system the kitchen can operate 24 h without the use of batteries and provides of energy for a few days. The hot oil flows through the double plates with casserole shpae where the cooking takes place. The oil temperature is as high as 220 ºC, which allows for frying, boiling and baking during the whole day. Temperature can be regulated and used in the same way as in an electric cooker. This cooker can be built locally to empower the local economy.


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