Editing: In what could be termed as a major breakthrough in technological advancement, the solar cooking promotion activities of Mr. Joseph Odey which started in a skeletal form in the year 2000, has metamorphosed into a bigger size with a registration with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (An organ of Government responsible for registration of Companies and allied matters in Nigeria). The Company is made up of board members with 3 Directors leading at the affairs of decision making. Under this arrangement Mr. Joseph Agu Odey is elevated to an exalted position of the Chairman/Managing Director of the Company. The Company has the mandate of opening branches all over the country. The name of the company on registration is called: ODEY RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED, NIGERIA. Activities includes among others; promoting Solar Energy for sustainable development, Environmental protection, Household and Industrial Applications etc. Imports and exports of solar materials. Fabrication of simple solar cookers thereby reducing the cost of fossil fuels for cooking, conserving the meager resources of the average family needs and adding it to purchase more food. I on behalf of the management of the company appeal to all International friends and the Nigerian people to support this company in its efforts to eliminate completely the health hazards and environmental degradation currently going on in the country.And to make life worth living for the poor masses in our nations. This Edition serves as a notice to all that are concerned and very special information to the Secretariat of Solar Cookers International Association as well as SCI body. Information and activities of the Company shall be made available from time to time, including during attendance to Conferences and Congresses on solar cooking and Renewable Energy. E-mail addresses of the company is,

Phone No: +234-8055529125

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