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I immigrated to Canada in 2000 and lived there for five years. I happened to go through the renewable energy scenario in the Internet and regularly was following the developments about Solar Cooking in your website. I purchased the teacher’s kit, Cookit, black pot, Wapi,plans, booklet etc., etc. I downloaded "The Expanding World of Solar Box Cookers" and decided to assemble Kerr-Cole solar box cookers.

I returned to my village in South India in 2002. I was keen on promoting this solar cooking in and around my area. I observed that HDPE bags are not commonly available in smaller towns and villages and continued to concentrate on cardboard box cookers instead of panel cookers. From 2004 I assembled, demonstrated, gave away these Solar box cookers to relatives and known people. But disappointingly the adaptation of this simple technique is very negligible among the public. They are convinced that these simple cardboard boxes cook rice and lentil on those days when the hot sun is shining through but the resistance is for the following reasons. Very little quantity can only be cooked in one box whereas the joint system families of Indian villagers want more quantity to be cooked for the several members in each household. The cooking is half done on certain cloudy days, it takes a long time for the completion of cooking, taste is different, etc are the reasons for not welcoming this product here.

I continue to use nearly 150 days in a year for my personal cooking (as my wife and son are living at Canada the food requirement is only for me). Presently I have purchased two domestic parabolic cookers from PRINCE- Promoters and Researchers in Non-Conventional Energy (Refer Solar Cooking Review/November 2006, page 11 Professor Ajay Chandak , WWW.Prince.Org in your directory).

I will continue my promotional effort with these domestic parabolic cooker at my village areas. (Location 11 N, 110 kms west of Chennai). The other piece will be utilized by my friend living at Chennai Metro City (formerly Madras) for his own use and demonstration. Eventually we want to start a production unit for parabolic cookers and solar water heaters. We are absolutely convinced that in the coming years the demand for renewable energy sources will grow more especially in South India where the people cook rice and lentil only as their staple food item. We believe the above information is sufficient to know about our activity. Thanking you Sincerely, T.K.Chandrasekaran


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