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  • November 2014: Engineers Without Borders - Sweden joins SCInet.
  • November 2013: Petra Wadstrom wins the Polhems Prize for the Solvatten system - The Polhem Prize is awarded by the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers for a high-level technological innovation or an ingenious solution to a technical problem. The innovation must present environmental benefits and be available and shown competitive on the open market. The jury states: "Petra Wadstrom's innovation Solvatten is low tech but non the less ingenious. It addresses a growing global problem to millions of people living in poverty and without access to safe water and clean energy". Read more about recent Sovatten activities...
  • September 2013: President Obama meets with inventor of Solvatten During the course of his one day in Stockholm, Sweden, President Obama asked for a visit to the Royal Institute of Technology KTH to see the latest research in energy solutions, research and innovation. Inventor of Solvatten, Petra Wadström was given the opportunity to present the unique Solvatten Solar Water System and how it is used around the world to improve health, empower women and lower CO2 emissions. Swedish Prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt also attended the presentation, acknowledging the technology as a solution for global challenges. Read more...

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