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Susan Kinne

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Susan Kinne is the Director of Programa Fuentes Alternas de Energia at the Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria in Managua, working with Solar Energy and other renewable energy sources with both governmental and non-governmental non-profit agencies. She is also a highly regarded Aikido instructor and spends a great deal of time giving advice and helping others.

Recent News

  • July 9, 2008: Susan Kinne, Director of Grupo Fenix, met with MINSA, Nicaragua’s Ministry of Health at El Complejo Nacional de Salud in Managua. Dr. Jorge Orochena S., the Director of Services Organization, from the Health Services Department, gave his blessings and endorsed the continuance of the Salud del Sol solar autoclave project. After the team’s technical explanation of the autoclave and its workings, Dr. Orochena praised the idea for its utility in health clinics without electricity—the great majority of the clinics in the country. He is only aware of about 10 of 935 clinics that do not have good access to direct sunlight. He readily acknowledged the environmental benefits of such a device and discussed ideas for the device itself, including the importance of an alarm or other method to verify sterilization.

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Susan Kinne
U. Nacional de Ingenieria
Managua, Nicaragua

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