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Sur la Piste logo, 11-6-13

Sur la Piste is a non-profit organization based in Arcueil, France. Their mission is to raise awareness, educate for sustainable development and solidarity, encourage solidarity initiatives, and propose alternatives for action. They recognize solar cooking as an effective way to fight deforestation and desertification in Africa.

They have initiated an innovative voluntary project based on ten years experience in the field of cultural solidarity. Five years experience in the field of solar cooking in partnership with KERA News Energy and Energy realized through support of families ecological projects in Africa.

Audio and video

Le soleil sous les marmites 2013 - Solar cooker in West Africa18:20

Le soleil sous les marmites 2013 - Solar cooker in West Africa

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Sur la Piste
26, rue Emile Raspail
94110 Arcueil

Tel.: +33 (0)1 49 12 14 20


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