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Solar Cookers International has online ordering of solar cooking-related products.


Good, inexpensive oven thermometers can be ordered bulk here (note that these thermometers can also be immersed in water to measure its temperature):

Chaney Instrument Co.
965 Wells St
PO Box 70
Lake Geneva, WI 53147

+1 (262) 248-8707 fax

Model#: 00820 Price: $1.20/each Minimum order: 72

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Reflective material

Main article: Reflective material
  • May 2013: The STEVEN Foundation recently has made Mylar film available to others for use in building solar cookers. Thy can cut modest quantities of the Mylar to order from rolls 62" wide. Charge of $1USD/square foot covers preparation and shipping charges in USA.
  • ClearDome Solar Thermal sells their durable 97.4% diffused solar reflective foil in sheets and rolls, and top-rated 95% mirror surface SolaReflex AA polished anodized aluminum 2x4' sheets that have the longest outdoor life of any solar reflector, shown in the photo of their SolaReflex Octagon Parabolic cooker. They also have Blackflex heat absorber foil for solar cooking and other uses. Contact: Deris Jeannette. Tel: 619/990-7977, e-mail:

Water quality measuring equipment

Main article: Water pasteurization
Water testing kit2

The complete Portable Microbiology Laboratory with all components

Water-quality testing kit: IDEXX (1 Idexx Drive Westbrook Maine, 04092 Tel: 207/856-0300) manufactures and sells Colilert, a 24-hour EPA-approved coliform and E. coli test that can be used in the field. Microbiologist Bob Metcalf of Solar Cookers International and others have used this simple, light-weight kit to test the drinking water brought from home by participants in solar cooking workshops. Bob has written a guide to using the Colilert test in the field which describes how to test effectively in developing countries without slavishly following the manufacturer's somewhat over-cautious recommendations.

Dr. Bob Metcalf has created the Portable Microbiology Laboratory, which contains everything needed for water quality testing in the field.

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