Sunflower Solar Cooker

Sunflower Solar Cooker


The Sunflower Solar Cooker is a diffuse focusing parabolic solar cooker designed and built by John Tyler. The cooker is adjustable both for time of day, as it rotates on the rod that is mounted into the ground, and for the time of year as the inclination angle is adjustable. This is designed around a trapezoid with all four corners pivoting.

The cooker is 91 cm (36") wide by 51 cm (20") deep with a plexiglass wind cover. The segments of the parabola are plasma cut from aluminum sheet and attached by tabs and small bolts. The cooker was generated from a template, and plans are not currently available. The framework is steel.

The cooker works quite well and reaches temperatures of 148°C (300°F). The shape of the reflector keeps the food up out of reach of animals and dust. Rice cooks in one hour and beans in two plus hours.


John Tyler