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Solar Oven Reflectors 2015

Sun Dome Solar Oven and Cooker

The Sun Dome Solar Oven and Cooker is made from a folding two-part anodized aluminum reflector and a nesting dome that insulates the cooking pot. The Sun Dome uses an unbreakable clear Poly-carbonate dome that nest together such that 20 domes can be shipped in a box. The 2-part reflector folds and several reflectors may be shipped in one box. This oven can be manufactured off-grid with simple hand HVAC tools. The oven set up can be seen at Wholesale pricebreaks and minimum purchase quantities can be obtained when manufacturing 200 of more of these ovens. This oven meets the five solar oven manufacturing goals of simple, durable, light, portable, and affordable.

Recent news and developments

  • January 2016: Solar Oven Reflectors will allow any NGO or other non-profit organization to set up a micro solar oven factory to fabricate Sun Dome Solar Ovens in a community where the oven is sold and used with the provision the oven is manufactured with local labor. We believe the best way to help those in extreme poverty is to create employment.

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