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The Sun Cook solar oven, produced by Solarwind and Water Systems, was entirely designed and developed in Portugal by the National Institute of Industrial Engineering and Technology (INETI).  It is a cooker of the box cooker style and incorporates stove-type mineral insulation, high-quality mirrors and glass double-glazing.  The cooker is offered in two models: tropical (without the side mirror and sundial) and preimium (with side mirror and sundial).  With the side mirror (the premium version), the cooker brought 2.5L of water to the boiling point (100° C/212° F) in 80 minutes.  Without (the tropical version), the water boiled in 92 minutes.
==See also==
*Detailed information on this cooker available in this [[Media:‎Sun Cook Presentation v3.pdf|Power Point PDF file]].
*[ Sun Cook cooker web page (in Portuguese)]
*Youtube video about this cooker (in Portuguese):
[[Solarwind and Water Systems]]
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