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Last updated: 28 April 2016      
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Sun Cook

Sun Cook box cooker

SunOK, based in Portugal, was founded at the end of 2008 in order to provide decentralized energy solutions. Providing cooking solutions that use energy sources off-grid is a primary goal of the organization. To that end, they have re-introduced the Sun Cook, a solar box cooker. The optics of the reflectors are technically advanced, and the construction components are quite sturdy, incorporating recycled materials.

Other products sold by SunOK include among other items a solar barbecue, the Sunflair portable solar oven, and a solar kettle.

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SunOK Lda.
P.O. Box 24399
1251-997 Lisboa

Tel: +351 210 960 643
Skype: Sunok-ltd

Skype ID: Sunok-ltd

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