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==Audio and video==
==Audio and video==
[[Video:Construction d'un four solaire : le sunstove|400px]]

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SunStove finished - Peru Childrens Trust


A small solar cooker, designed for a production in large quantities. The authors tried to find materials that could be easily available in every country. It's a light solar oven, easy to move and store, with a cooking capacity of 5 to 6 litres of food, enough to feed a whole family. The design has a great open area that compensates the lack of external reflectors, which would be a problem in strong wind conditions.

Sun Gravity interior diagram


The case is made using moulding plastic obtained with 75% of recycled plastic and 25% of virgin material. It has also been constructed with steel, aluminium, wood, or cardboard. The interior walls are made with aluminium, actually used printing photolithograph sheets. Whereas the bottom is painted black to increase absorption of the radiation, the rest is left without treatment to reflect it against the cooking pot. The insulation is achieved with glassfiber and high density glassfiber in the bottom. Other possibilities include materials such as cotton, wood, rockwool, jute, hemp, etc, always considering that the lower aluminum side, where the pot will be placed, needs to be resistant and maintain the insulation thickness, despite the pots weight. The transparent window is a resistant acrylic plastic sheet. An alternative may also be a framed thin plastic or glass sheet.

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