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Sun2Cook 3, 1-25-12
The Sun2Cook solar panel cooker
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Sun2Cook 1, 1-25-12
Assembly of the Sun2Cook begins with a single flat sheet.
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Sun2Cook 2, 1-25-12
First the ends are folded.
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The Sun2Cook has been designed by Heinz-Joachim (Jo) Muller at Sun2Steam in Australia. The basic material is a double layer polypropylene sheet (core flute), much like a plastic version of corrugated cardboard. It is factory laminated with a robust reflective film. Jo reports that there is no need for a plastic bag enclosure, a black pot with a glass lid works very well by itself. The simple design is very easy to manufacture as there are only seven straight lines to be cut into the material. All the assembly information is printed on the back of the cooker.

The steep back allows it to capture early and late day sun, however it also makes the cooker more vulnerable to tipping in windy conditions.

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See Heinz-Joachim Muller.

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