Last updated: 03 February 2017      
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Su Solartech solar cooker

Su Solartech Systems is a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic systems, thermal solar systems, wind electric generators, energy saving and security devices. Su Solartech Systems, a pioneer in solar energy field, manufacturing solar products since 1985, exports to other countries, and supplies solar energy equipment in India to various Govt. Departments & Energy Development Agencies, Hospitals, Industries, Educational Institutes, Defence, Police Establishments, Indian Railways, Hotels, Rest Houses, Clubs, VIPs, Private users, etc. [text borrowed from]

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Harinder Jain
Managing Director
Su Solartech Systems (P) Ltd
SCO 184, Sector 7C
Chandigarh 160 019

Tel.: +91 172 2792576, 2792699, 2642874(W)


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