States of Brazil map

Brazil is made up of twenty-six states and one federal district, which contains the capitial city, Brasília.

Acre (AC)
Alagoas (AL)
Amapá (AP)
Amazonas (AM)
Bahia (BA)
Ceará (CE)
Distrito Federal (DF)
Espírito Santo (ES)
Goiás (GO)
Maranhão (MA)
Mato Grosso (MT)
Mato Grosso do Sul (MS)
Minas Gerais (MG)
Pará (PA)
Paraíba (PB)
Paraná (PR)
Pernambuco (PE)
Piauí (PI)
Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Rio Grande do Norte (RN)
Rio Grande do Sul (RS)
Rondônia (RO)
Roraima (RR)
Santa Catarina (SC)
São Paulo (SP)
Sergipe (SP)
Tocantins (TO)

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