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Afghan Starlight Solar Stoves

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Starlight Afghan Free Energy Co. logo, 10-4-12

The Starlight Afghan Free Energy Co. is an Afghan owned and operated business based in the city of Kabul. Starlight began in 2011 in response to the rising cost of living, to provide Afghans with a clean, reliable and affordable means of cooking. As Afghanistan’s foremost producer of parabolic solar stoves, Starlight continues to develop a range of solar products to empower Afghans for living free.

Starlight (Afghan Free Energy Co.) 1.5m parabolic solar cooker, 10-4-12

Starlight 1.5m parabolic solar cooker

This 1.5m parabolic solar cooker is Starlight’s core product. In ideal conditions, it has the capability of boiling 5 litres of water in 20 mins. It consists of a stand and six reflective panels, which enables easy transportation and comes with instructions for easy assembly.

  • above text from Starlight Afghan Free Energy Co. website

Recent news and developments

  • September 2012: Kabul parabolic solar stove company, Starlight Afghan Free Energy improve their reflective surface with a tested 95% reflectivity and are proudly manufacturing 100% Afghan made stoves.


Starlight Afghan Free Energy Co.
Kabul, Afghanistan


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