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[[File:Patricia_McArdle_teaching_Honduran_soldiers_2008.jpg|thumb|right|400px|Patricia McArdle teaching Honduran soldiers to solar cook in 2008]]
[[File:Patricia_McArdle_teaching_Honduran_soldiers_2008.jpg|thumb|right|400px|Patricia McArdle teaching Honduran soldiers to solar cook in 2008]]

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Patricia McArdle teaching Honduran soldiers 2008

Patricia McArdle teaching Honduran soldiers to solar cook in 2008

Star-Tides is an international, information-sharing research project that promotes sustainable, affordable support to stressed populations—post-disaster, impoverished, or post-war in a domestic or foreign context for short- or long-term operations, with or without military involvement. It is an international research project to promote unity of effort among diverse organizations where there is no unity of control. As such it seeks to build bridges across boundaries between business, civil society and government stakeholders who are working toward common goals. The group focuses on seven infrastructures: shelter, water, power, integrated solar and combustion cooking, cooling/ lighting/heating, sanitation and information & communications technologies (ICT). The project aims to provide reach back “knowledge on demand” to decision-makers and those operating in the field. Medical support will be added in the future. All information collected will be made available in the public domain, with the goal of building the broadest possible communities to suggest innovative solutions to support those who are dealing with real world situations.

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