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Last updated: January 12, 2012      
Squexad 5V30 catalog illustration 1-12-12

The Squexad 5V30 solar panel cooker has been designed in Spain, with early prototype work that began in 2008. The design takes a fairly unique approach of using reflectors that stack up together. Much like a telescope, the stacked reflectors extend upwards to the sun. The top reflector segment has quite a large solar exposure. When done cooking, the reflector panels slip out from each other and fold flat. Disassembled, it makes a relatively small package for transport.

There is not a lot of information on the company website showing the cooker in use. Some concerns may include the ability to easily check the cooking food, and such a tall profile may be tipsy in windy conditions.

The cooker uses a tray for the cooking pot to be placed under the reflector stack, enclosed in a plastic cooking bag.

Squexad 5V30 assembled

Squexad 5V30 ready to cook

Squexad 5V30 disassembled

Squexad 5V30 disassembled

Recent news and developments

  • September 2011: A second workshop is taught about the solar cooker in Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona, to construct the cooker from recycled cardboard. Two sizes were made, the smaller size reached 120°C(250°F), at a height of 30 cm. It was able to get to 80°C(175°F) in 30 seconds.




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