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- Consultant with 20 years practical experience in solar cooking, as well as project promotion (for example in Honduras and in Canada) 

- Have recently had a new high-efficiency solar cooker built which I use regularly on my balcony.  

- Specialized in Clean Development Projects and Voluntary Offsets,  I would be interested in opportunities to assist with developing solar cooking projects under the CDM and other offset programs. 

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Participated in the Granada Conference  Granada Conference on Solar Cookers, giving a presentation on The Clean Development Mechanism as a Potential Source of Funding for Solar Cooking Projects - Carolyn Luce

More recently was involved in the preparation of a new CDM methodology for solar cookstoves : Solar Cookers for Households Version 1  as a member of the CDM Small-Scale Working Group.


Carolyn Luce
4 Promenade Lachenal

Annecy, France

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