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* [ See all of solarcookingnut's videos on YouTube]
* [ See all of solarcookingnut's videos on YouTube]
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I learned about solar cooking by accident while doing research on the web about how to heat your home with solar heaters. Once I learned about solar cooking from the Solar Cooking Archive, I have built several ovens and and cookers.

One of my favorite ovens is the Nesco Solar Cooker, which I built was from an old 1940's Nesco electric roaster I watched my mom bake turkeys in while I was growing up. Once it stopped working, she threw it out to be taken away to the dump, and I retrieved it, hoping to fix it. Well, after having it for over 25 years, I realized it could work again, but this time, in the sun. So, I converted it into a solar oven, and it reaches well over 225°F, many times, 300°F on a really clear day.

Here are some videos of it:

The curved reflector was a pleasant surprise in how strongly it heats the oven. I also built a cardboard slant-faced oven that reaches 225°F and close to 250°F on really clear days with one reflector. It is built large enough to cook a full meal and dessert all at once. Here are some links of my slantfaced oven:

Below is a link to the rest of my videos on youtube so you can see some of my solar cooking adventures. Sorry for the short vids, I only have a digital camera that has video on it, and it only allows 60 seconds of recording time.

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