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All Season Solar Cooker

The All Season Solar Cooker is an socially responsible entreprenurial effort begun by Jim La Joie, the inventor of the All Season Solar Cooker (ASSC), and Scott Rundle a packaging manufacturer and printer. Their goal is to make an incredible cooker and market it to whoever wants and needs one. They know with the ASSC one can cook starting at sun up and finish at sun down. We believe in the ABC's of solar cooking. That is Always Be Cooking. Routinely they make 2 - 3 meals a day using it. If not cooking on it, they are experimenting with heating water with it and drying firewood with it for use in their new El Fuego stove.  

The basic goals are simple. Make an incredible product that people can afford and want to use.  Make them available to those that can't afford them. And at the end of the day, feel good about helping other people in their lives.  

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Scott Rundle
P.O. box 1392
Lake Arrowhead, California 92352

Tel. +1 951 640 3890
Fax. +1 909 336 3534


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